UMAJIN is a platform that supports creating gestural and cinematic applications and experiences. The engine is written in C++ but reads and compiles natively the domain specific language called UMAJIN script. Like an operating system is designed to support common hardware management and program services – I describe UMAJIN as an “application system” which is designed to support gestural inputs and interaction with cinematic audio and visuals. The UMAJIN app builder provides a powerful but easy to use environment to create your own applications and experiences without having to write code.

Gestural and Cinematic
These guidelines describe how to create amazing experiences for a wide range of devices and input types. It addresses the broad details of core functionality and then drills into specific challenges such as 3D input.

LINK Gestural and Cinematic Overview
LINK Gestural guidelines

The UMAJIN engine provides a wide variety of inputs; mouse, pen, touch, voice, 3d gesture, webcam, tilt and position. Basic capabilities like maths, flexible internet connectivity, file handling, graphics and audio. All objects in the platform are managed by the rendering engine which makes it easy to mix 2D and 3D, use animation, physics and effects to create amazing visuals. The platform has been developed to run on Windows, android, iOS and OSx.

This is a domain specific language which allows compact declaration of layout, sub classing and behaviour. With a minimum of language elements UMAJIN script is fast to learn and fast to execute. UMAJIN script is able to draw from the object model provided by the platform and extend it by defining new more specific classes.

LINK Here is a quick overview of the language and it’s philosophy.

UMAJIN App Builder
The UMAJIN app builder is designed to make creating applications and experiences possible by everyone. It lets you allow for the many different screen sizes of phones, tablets, notebooks and big screens. It lets manage variations and creation actions but does not require you to write code. It lets you plug in interactive components and 3rd party web services simply by selecting them from the gallery, then customising their properties.

LINK UMAJIN App Builder Overview